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WTF is a GroovTube?

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The question I get more than any other is, "What is a GroovTube?".  The short answer is that GroovTubes are sploofs.  Okay smart ass, what's a sploof?  Fair enough.  A sploof is a device you blow exhaled smoke through to mask its scent.  Think of the toilet paper tube stuffed with dryer sheets you used to keep hidden behind the water heater in your parents' basement.  Simple enough.

Now, like most people, we eventually moved out of our parents' basements and began to wonder, "Is there any possible way this toilet paper tube can be improved on?".  You know, the American dream.  Well it turns out the answer is yes, yes you can improve upon a toilet paper tube stuffed with dryer sheets.  And thus was born the GroovTube.

Since it is the 21st century we decided to incorporate some upgrades.  First of all we use special carbon filters manufactured specifically for us to make sure every bit of odor is cleansed away.  Next we decided it was un-American to limit people to the scent of fresh laundry.  We deserve choices, you deserve choices so we made three scents.  We chose Cinnamon, Peach, and Lavender because we aren't monsters. Last, we wrapped all this awesomeness up into a cartridge so that you can easily replace a used one or just to switch scents.  I know, amazing.  We're anxiously awaiting our Nobel prizes.

A year went by.  Lions laid with lambs, children danced in the streets, and peace ruled the land.  Pretty sure that's how it went.  Anyways, we looked out over the landscape of freshness blossoming across the country and we said, "Not good enough".  Back to the drawing board, or in this case a Mac book.  We threw caution to the wind.  It had to be smaller than anyone thought possible while being just as strong.  "Impossible!", they shouted at us in the streets.  We were laughed out of all the major research universities but still we persevered.  And eventually, from the mists of impossibility, we conjured forth a wonder of the modern world.  We named it the Mini.

Same super strong carbon filter and, for the scent, a mind blowing Vanilla Spice.  Ridiculous, just ridiculous.  

So there you go.  You now have the complete GroovTube story.  So far...

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