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Let's Talk About Scents, Baby.

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When we first set out to create the world's most amazing sploof we knew right away that we wanted it to not just filter odor from exhaled smoke but to also add a pleasant scent. We toiled away for this holy grail, drawing closer day by day, experiment by experiment. Still, even as success finally revealed itself, something nagged at the back of our minds. What if other people have different tastes than us? Though it seemed ludicrous we felt diligence required we investigate this hypothesis. To our surprise we discovered that, according to science, over ninety percent of people have opinions.

Enlightened and chastened we returned to our laboratory. We needed multiple scents for different people, different moods, different places. We were reinvigorated. So much more groove was possible than we ever knew! But what scents? How could such important decisions be made by us? We are but humble scent scientists, not worthy of such weighty verdicts. So we took it to the people. We corralled everyone we could find and bombarded them with literally dozens of scents. Some were too strong, some too weak, and some made us too hungry. Finally three choices became clear.

The original GroovTube Complete set is intended for everyday use at home. Therefore we felt we needed to provide scents which were pleasant over time and didn't wear on you. Likewise, they needed to be strong and clear but not overpowering. Overwhelmingly the most popular choices were Cinnamon, Peach, and Lavender. Ensuing long term field testing proved that these were in fact scent that you could live with for a while. And when you consider that you can swap out cartridges and change the scent at any time it seemed like we had done a solid job.

As time went on, however, we had another learning experience. Many of our loyal customers informed us that they were not always at home. Upon further reflection we realized that we should probably have known that. So we went back to the laboratory, again. The result was, of course, the world famous 21st century super sploof that's been storming the nation we all know as the GroovTube Mini. When we first announced the Mini an anxious nation asked, "But what scent will it be, for the love of mercy, what scent!". It was a little embarrassing, really. In the end all the anxiety was alleviated when people heard, and then smelled, that the Mini has a ridiculously amazing Vanilla Spice scent. That's right. At home you might be a Lavender, but at the party its all Vanilla Spice. When you blast out a cloud of spicy vanilla goodness people will know they are in the presence of groovy greatness.

And all because people have opinions. As always, thank for the read and have a groovy day! Send us your questions, comments, or blog topics, we love to hear from you!

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