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The Groovy Guide to Surviving the Holidays

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This time of year can challenge us with a multitude of stresses at once. Your uncle who insists on discussing politics, deciding what to re-gift this year, or wondering how many times a person needs to hear Jingle Bells before they fall into a coma. Crowded airports, packed malls, pull out sofas, and eggnog greet us at every turn. But rest easy! We're here to help.

Now, lots of blogs want to clog your brain with recipes, gift ideas, and entertaining tips. Not us, not ever. Frankly, how some celebrity chef makes cranberry sauce or what the famous actress is buying her personal assistant for Christmas doesn't do much for stress relief. You know what does? That's right. Cannabis. 

For thousands of years people have been sneaking out of family gatherings, office parties, and marathon shopping sessions to regain their composure, so to speak. That's not opinion, that's science that has been written in science books by scientists. And for thousands of years that wonderful and necessary interlude of peace has been punctured by some busybody asking, "What's that smell?".

Ah yes, the smell. To aficionados the smell is divine, to others it is the breath of Satan. You could try and convince Grandma of all the benefits that cannabis brings to the table but she'll probably still think you're a dirty hippie and write you out of the will. We humbly submit that it would be much better to simply use a GroovTube. Any of the scents we offer will keep Grandma's mind well away from hippies and provide you the cover to get on with your life.

Some of you might be asking, "Hey, why can't I groove in a holiday way?", to which we say, you can. Until the end of the year we are offering a new Seasonal Scent. And what says holidays more than Pumpkin Spice? Nothing. Well, nothing we could make into a scent, so Pumpkin Spice it is. As an added bonus, your guests will wander around looking for the pumpkin pie they just know has to be there.

So don't fret this holiday season. Find your Pumpkin Spice groove and the holidays will be no problem at all.

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